Director & Actor – David Madry

After making tons of senseless and boring short films while having really controverse and unusual directing methods, it seems that David Madry was hoping to get rid of all people who would ever make a film with him again. For unkown reasons some people seem to trust him and his ideas, becoming the executive force behind his work.

Director of Photography – Mantas Jockus

Working together with David Madry right from the start, Mantas Jockus has built up a connection to the Directors’ mind, making it unnecessary to waste energy on talking. Besides his exceptional talent in both storyboarding and shooting a film, he also has the mental and physical strength to endure a BOHARG-Shoot.

Editor – Sascha Gerlach

While being very humble, Sascha Gerlach enlightens films with his outstanding theoretical and technical knowlegde of film-editing, still never showing antipathy for even the most unworthy jobs one comes across in post-production. He also seems to be the only editor who has the patience and weird humorous attitude to cope with peculiar directors like David Madry.

Various helping hands

Besides the key crew, there were several people who had small but important jobs on set. Throwing barrels, saving the life of the cameraman or just standing in a corner gaping – every person involved gave his full energy into this project.


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