Make sure to check out the new showreel from the famous director of photography Mantas Jockus. It features exclusive footage of BOHARG II.

Showreel Mantas Jockus

Have fun!


BOHARG on imdb

February 23, 2009

BOHARG II has been granted an imdb page! Check it out!

What´s next?


January 6, 2009

After the positive response to the world premiere of BOHARG II we will send the film to various festivals around the world. Stay tuned for possible screening announcements.

World Premiere!

December 16, 2008

The official world premiere of BOHARG II is announced.

Date: Thursday, 18th of December 2008.

Time: 23:00

Place: Kino Union, Bölschestraße 69, 12587 Berlin, Germany

Entry Fee: 3€


  • Wege zur Erleuchtung (Ellen Blumberg, 2008, 8 min)
  • BOHARG II (David Madry, 2008, 6 min)
  • Faust des Nordens (Jagpal Singh, 2008, 4 min)
  • DodoRaupe (Fanny Gaudeck & David Madry, 2008, 8 min)
  • Das Leben im Schuhkarton (Christina Hackl, 2008, 18 min)

Make sure to be on time.  Have fun!

BOHARG II is finished!

December 8, 2008

After several test screenings for exclusive audiences and a few last-minute-changes, the film BOHARG II is eventually completed.

The official world premiere will be held in Berlin before christmas 2008, more info soon.

At this point I  want to say thanks to everyone involved in the production process.



November 26, 2008

We just finished the Pre-Final version, which means the film is completed, but our heads feel like mashed tomatos, so we can´t judge sanely anymore. We´re gonna take a dose of good old sleep and review the film tomorrow.

Check the Status page if you think this is impossible!



November 23, 2008

Time-related problems cause a delay of the films completion. Check the Media page for a picture from the test-shoot.


November 15, 2008

The estimated finishing date of BOHARG II is sunday, 23d of November. We are working on a few visuals, credits and the final mixdown.


November 12, 2008

Hello dear visitor! Welcome to the online represence of the short film BOHARG II by David Madry. You can find out more about the project by using the top menu. Have fun!


November 12, 2008

A historical moment. More info soon!